Drawing from everyday matter in our environment, my work alludes to wider universal phenomena. My ongoing focus captures the material and intangible within our surroundings, with a particular interest in human presence. I explore notions of permanence and impermanence within the wider entity of time and its cycles. I am interested in the idea of ‘eternal return’ and time as a physical concept transforming everyday materials and actions into meditations on existence. Interested in both tangible and intangible subject matter I use a variety of media within my practice, including photography, moving image and installation. Concerned with the space an image holds, I use the medium of photography to investigate the notion of sensing space.

I seek to capture both a physical and emotional connection with the subject, conveying a sense of being at once present and distant. Capturing the balance between man and nature in the 21st century and exploring the constant interchange between them is central to my investigation. The use of photography realises this sense of a fragmented world, the feeling that as an individual we will only ever be able to see part of a whole, wider entity. 

I use photography to explore and document the space around me, capturing a sense of disorientation. I am interested in movement as a way of being, and seek otherwise unnoticed moments in the in-between spaces of journeys. Capturing the unconscious traces of human presence, I notice the idiosyncrasies of existence that accrue over time through interactions with the environment, ‘To live means to leave traces’ . 

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